Founded in 1917 and celebrating our 100th anniversary, JTA remains committed to the founders' vision, providing essential news, opinion and conversation about Jews wherever they live, alerting the world to the dangers they face, celebrating their achievements and remaining an unbiased, inclusive chronicler of their communities and institutions. 

During this anniversary year, JTA will highlight the highs and lows of the Jewish story as it was told by its journalists, from some of the first and most extensive accounts of the horrors of the Nazi genocide, to an hour-by-hour chronicle of the founding of Israel, to contemporary explorations of the events and ideas shaping the lives of today's Jews.  As news has changed from something that audiences consume to something we debate, interact with, and build community around, all of 70 Faces Media's brands -- including Kveller, the Nosher, MyJewish Learning, and Jewniverse -- have joined JTA as platforms that tell, celebrate, and continue to develop the unfolding Jewish story.